Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Stay Connected With Nike’s “Smart Jerseys”

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Our world is becoming more connected by the day. Cars can turn into Wi-Fi hotspots, fridges can scan your shelves to see which products are expiring and, finally, you can buy basketball jerseys that connect to your smartphone. Nike recently announced their launch of smart jerseys: purchasable fan apparel that includes a chip you can scan to get all sorts of information on your favorite player. So how does it work?

Using a smartphone, you scan the chip in the lower left corner of the jersey. Immediately, your smartphone will receive up-to-the-minute statistics, highlights from big games, that player’s personal Spotify playlists, exclusive discounts on shoes and a boost to that player’s stats in the NBA 2K18 video game. To sweeten the pot a bit, fans with smart jerseys will get first crack at game tickets and the latest fan apparel for their favorite player’s team. That player can even send messages to his fans through smartphones. We could see some of the information, such as stats, being helpful for serious fantasy sports players. Outside of that, most of it feels like window dressing.

The technology is definitely cool and it will appeal to diehard fans who crave the latest tech and the coolest perks, but it can be easily seen as going overboard. The NBA has quickly become the most popular American sports league for young fans in the states and abroad, so it makes sense they’d pioneer new fan apparel like this. If (and when) it takes off and spills into other leagues, we wonder how it will adjust for each sport. What if you scan J.J. Watt’s jersey and find out his favorite tailgate snack? Can’t get enough of Alex Morgan? Scan her Orlando Pride jersey and learn her favorite routines to get hyped for a big game. Love CC Sabathia? Scan his Yankee pinstripes to find out how much he doesn’t work out before games (kidding). The applications really are endless.

We’re on the fence about smart jerseys, but we could get on the bandwagon if it becomes widespread throughout international sports leagues. Who knows, we might even start making smart bibs so you can get the latest info on the number of hot wings consumed and games won in tailgate toss. What do you think of smart jerseys? Let us know in the comments!

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

How Will the MLB Season Finish?

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We had to dig back through our blog post archives to find out we never predicted how the MLB season would turn out this year! You can’t really blame us, though, as baseball is a sport of ups and downs over a gruelingly long season. For many teams, it’s all about finding a groove at just the right time and riding that momentum into the post-season. For others, outright domination of the opposition carries them to a championship. Now that we’re less than a month away from the end of the regular season, it’s time to swoop in with some expert opinions of how each division (and league) will finish.

AL East – The Yankees and Red Sox have finished playing each other this season, so the fate of the AL East comes down to how well each team performs against others in the league. Boston has a small lead in the division, but has to close out their season with four games against the Astros as well as a series at Baltimore. If they can handle the rest of their games, they’ll hang on and win the East.

AL Central – Cleveland seems to find a magic formula just when it needs it. In a surprisingly competitive division, they’ve built up a comfortable lead thanks to a historic winning streak in which they’ve trailed for only a handful of innings. They’ll keep the momentum and keep the division title.

AL West – Far and away one of the most impressive teams this season, the Astros have not let up since Opening Day. A few falters here and there haven’t deterred them, and a recent win streak has them comfortably padding their division lead. The title will return to Houston this season, but maybe not the overall best record.

AL Wild Cards – This will end up being the most exciting post-season race in recent memory. No less than eight American League teams are just a few good wins and some luck away from claiming a wild card spot. Both spots will fall to whomever makes the least amount of mistakes in the final two weeks of the season. Close your eyes and throw a dart at a target. We have no idea how this will shake up.

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AL Champions – The Wild Card winner will have to face Cleveland, and the Red Sox will get a matchup with Houston to try to avenge their early post-season exit from last year. This one all comes down to luck and not making mistakes, and we think the Astros will win a nail-biter series over Cleveland.

NL East – After the Nationals, this division is one of the worst in baseball. The second-place Marlins have a record below .500. As of this writing, the Nationals have already comfortably clinched their division.

NL Central – Do the Cubs want to win the division? They’re playing much better than they did in the first half of the season, but they haven’t been able to separate themselves from the Brewers or Cardinals. They still have four games against the Brewers and seven games against the Cardinals this month. The fate of this division will likely come down to the final few games of the season, with the Cardinals and Brewers finishing the season against each other. We see the Cubs scraping by with another NL Central title.

NL West – They may be limping their way into the post-season in the midst of a head-scratching losing streak, but the Dodgers built up such a cushion against their in-division opponents that they’ll still win the division when all is said and done.

NL Wild Cards – It’s the Diamondbacks and the Rockies and then everyone else. That’s a shame, because the NL West resembles the NL Central of a few seasons ago. In 2015, the Cardinals, Pirates and Cubs were arguably better than most division winners, yet the Pirates and Cubs had to face each other in the Wild Card game. Between Arizona and Colorado, we can’t really pick. Whichever team wins this matchup is going to be coming hard for the Dodgers.

NL Champions – If you had asked us just a matter of weeks ago, we’d say the Dodgers are a lock to win the National League. Losing double-digit games in a row, however, could be a cause for concern. A huge winning streak by the Diamondbacks gives them lots of momentum as the season wraps up, and we could see that carrying them all the way to a league title.

The playoffs in baseball are some of the most stressful, gut wrenching weeks in all of sports. Who would’ve predicted this kind of a turnout once the calendar turned to September? Keep your eyes glued to the television, and enjoy an Arizona/Houston matchup for the championship. Leave a comment and let us know who you think will emerge victorious, and don’t forget to pick up a pair of bibs to cheer for your favorite baseball team!

Friday, September 1, 2017

Our 2017 NFL Predictions

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year…football season that is. Whether it’s the tailgating, the food, or the pure energy inside the stadium, there’s something for everyone to enjoy about good ol’ football. If you’re a hardcore fan, then you have extra reason to be excited for this season. Based on our predictions below, there are going to be some exciting things going down on the field, so bring out the game bibs and get ready for one hell of a season.

AFC North – Unfortunately for Cleveland, it looks like the Browns might be having a rough go of it this season. Pittsburgh has been consistently strong so we’re predicting that the Steelers will take the division again this season, despite some opposition from Baltimore.  

AFC South – If you’re looking for a really exciting and competitive division this season, the AFC South is a division to follow. Almost every team in this division has rock solid stats, and underperforming teams are on the upswing thanks to free agent acquisitions. Based purely on numbers, it’s looking like the Colts could inch out ahead of the Titans. This is definitely a match-up you’ll want to be watching closely this season.

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AFC East – Not surprisingly, it’s looking like the Patriots will be taking home the division championship again this season for the 9th consecutive time. Even without Julian Edelman, Tom Brady will find a way to carve up the defensive secondary of each divisional opponent. While we’d love to see a shakeup, it’s hard to argue with the numbers—the Pats are number one not only in their division, but also in the league.

AFC West – As another very close division, AFC West is probably going to be one of the most exciting divisions to watch this season. The Raiders and the Chiefs are neck and neck for the division title, and with the numbers being so close, it’s hard to predict who will come out on top. The Raiders will be looking for a rebound year from Derek Carr after he broke his leg last season. If he returns to form, the Chiefs might not have a shot. This is another match-up that you’ll really want to keep an eye on this season.

NFC North – Coming in 2nd in the league overall, we’re predicting a division championship for the Packers this season. Green Bay shored up their offense with key acquisitions at the tight end position, and their defense should find more success this year as young cornerbacks become more experienced. However, if the Vikings can bring up their offense, this could be another very exciting showdown.

NFC South – While it looks as if the Falcons might repeat their success of last season, we are really excited about the possibility of the Panthers bouncing back and pouncing on the championship. The team always goes the way Cam Newton goes, and we expect he’ll have a big season this year if the Panthers’ offensive line can protect him.

NFC East – Riding into the record books, it’s looking like the Cowboys are going to take the division crown again this season, even with Ezekiel Elliott’s pending suspension. However, you should definitely keep an eye on the Giants and the Eagles to hang around late into the season. As both teams are so evenly matched, games between these two are sure to be nailbiters.

NFC West – It’s looking like this season will be another great one for the Seahawks, however, don’t give up on the Cardinals just yet. A team on the rise again, the Cardinals just might swoop in and claim the championship this season. Considering their emerging running game, Arizona may be able to rely less on an aging Carson Palmer to shoulder the offense.

Regardless of who you’re rooting for this season, Game Bibs is here to help you show your team spirit and wear your colors with pride both at home and at the game. Comment below to let us know whom you’re rooting for this season.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Our Preseason College Football Predictions

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The college football season is almost upon us! This also means it’s time for football fan diehards to pull their game bibs out of the closet, dust off their foam fingers and stock up on face paint. On the last full week of August, teams across the country will begin their quests to rise to the top of the rankings and take a shot at the national title. With just a few weeks to go before kickoff, we wanted to take a shot at guessing which teams will come out on top in the Power 5 conferences. Without further ado, your expert football analysts at have proclaimed that:

USC will win the Pac-12 – Gone are the days of Oregon dominating this league, and we have to guess that Colorado’s performance last year doesn’t have what it takes to hold off the traditional powerhouse from Los Angeles for Pac-12 dominance. Last year’s Rose Bowl winners are losing a hefty 50% of their starters from last season, but the talent is there. They also boast Sam Darnold, the consensus top draft pick for next year’s pro draft – should he declare his eligibility – so we think their offense is in good hands.

Michigan will win the Big Ten – Coach Harbaugh is going to exorcize his demons and beat Ohio State on the Wolverines’ way to a Big Ten title and a trip to the Rose Bowl. We can just feel it in our bones. So what if they are only returning four offensive starters and one defensive starter? When the deck is stacked against you in the form of a Buckeyes squad that’s returning 15 starters, you dig deep and play your best game. Go Blue.

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Oklahoma State will win the Big XII – In a game of “Pin the Tail on the Donkey,” we’re going to buck the trend of picking the Sooners to take the Big XII crown and cross our fingers. Texas is still working its way back to football relevancy, Kansas State is young but not quite there, and no one else in the league is making much noise. A shootout of a game with in-state rival Oklahoma will be the key factor in dictating whether the Cowboys take the league title, and we think they’ll squeak by and claim victory.

Florida State will win the ACC – We’re guessing here mostly because Clemson has lost their playmaking, Heisman-finalist quarterback in Deshaun Watson. Sure, the Seminoles have lost their star running back in Dalvin Cook, but they still have QB Deondre Francois with six other offensive starters. Their defense also returns nine starters in a unit that allowed an average of 10 fewer points than they scored every game.

Alabama will win the SEC – Like a broken record, we’ll be hearing Alabama’s name all season long when it comes to both the SEC and the playoff picture. The team returns only 11 starters (six on offense, 5 on defense), but veteran experience has never been much of a factor for a team that recruits the best athletes year in and year out. They might not take home the national title, but expect them to be in the playoff.

As always, something crazy is going to happen this season in college football that will completely blow our predictions out of the water. Maybe a lower division school steals someone’s thunder on homecoming day or a star player goes down with an injury and the team’s season suffers because of it. Who do you think will win each Power 5 conference this year? Who is going to be a standout player among a crowded group of talented athletes? Share with us in the comments below and make sure to grab all the pairs of game bibs you need before the season starts!

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Best Throwback Uniforms in Baseball

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Seemingly, every week, baseball fans are treated to an aesthetic kaleidoscope of their favorite teams wearing uniforms from decades past. While some of these re-creations are better executed than others, it’s hard to deny the fun in seeing teams trot out onto the field in bright 70s color schemes and long-forgotten logos. So which throwback uniforms are the best? Don’t worry, we chose the top five for you.

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Phillies Powder Blues
Using baby blue as a replacement for the standard road gray was popular in the 1970s. While several teams such as the Expos, Brewer, Rangers and Mariners used the blue, no one did it better than Philadelphia. When paired with a contrasting maroon and unique logo, the Phillies were the best-looking team on the field. Here’s hoping they at least revert to maroon.

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Mariners Trident
The Seattle Mariners have always embraced nautical themes in their uniforms, but none has been as clever as their use of a trident to make the letter “M.” Shades of green and blue might have turned into a representation of the Emerald City, but you just can’t beat classic logo design with classic colors. The trident has our vote, even in their current teal and navy blue getups.

Astros Rainbow Shoulders
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Of course, we were going to include the Houston Astros in this post; and of course, it was going to pay tribute to their days in the orange-and-yellow rainbow design. We just prefer the more toned down use of the stripes, as seen here on Craig Biggio. It still features the unique rainbow pattern, adds a bit more flair to the shoulders and sleeves (an often-overlooked element of baseball uniforms) and gives the torso a clean, classic look.

Brewer's Ball-in-Glove
Logos that cleverly create two logos within one are our favorites. The Milwaukee Brewers logo used to be a thing of baseball beauty. Seen here on Robin Yount, what looks like a basic baseball glove is actually also the letters “M” and “B” for the team’s city and nickname. It doesn’t hurt that the uniform features the Brewers’ classic royal blue and yellow with a vintage script design. Do the right thing and revert to this design!

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Pirates Pillbox
In many ways, the Pittsburgh Pirates began rewriting the script on how baseball uniforms were supposed to look. They blended different colors of pants and jerseys to accentuate their black and yellow colors, and they even re-thought the baseball cap. Their pillbox caps with rings around the top were instantly recognizable and instantly unique. Admittedly, a bit strange, the caps made the Pirates a household favorite during the 70s.

Baseball has always been a sport rooted in nostalgia, from its historic players and stadiums to its classic uniforms and memorable games. Which throwback threads are your favorite in baseball? Leave a comment below!

Monday, July 10, 2017

What is the BIG3?


If you lamented the end of the NBA season, basketball has quickly returned with BIG3, a new league that features some familiar faces. BIG3 is a 3-on-3 basketball league founded by rapper Ice Cube and comprised of former NBA players such as Allen Iverson, Jermaine O-Neal, Mike Bibby and Kenyon Martin. Played without a clock and on a half-court setup, the first team to score 60 points (and win by two) is the winner. The game is a bit rougher than the modern NBA, with players allowed to get away with harder fouls that remind fans of the NBA from decades past. Let’s take a quick look at the teams of the league and their colors (all logo credit to!

3’s Company – 3’s Company features a mixture of orange, blue and grey. The use of the colors reminds us of Syracuse or the New York Knicks.

Killer 3s – The Killer 3s logo invokes a bee with its lightning bolts and yellow and black color scheme. Their uniforms even include some horizontal striping to mimic a bee.

Tri-State – Patriotic to a T, the logo and colors for Tri-State remind us of something you’d see the Wizards, Nets or 76ers wear.

3 Headed Monsters – We love the clever detailing on the M and S of “monsters” to resemble a pointed dragon’s tail. The color scheme of purple, green and yellow is very New Orleansesque, especially when the Jazz played in the Big Easy.

Trilogy – A creepy, bloodshot basket-eyeball dripping black goo? Sure, why not?

Ghost Ballers – The curvy design of the text on this logo adds to the feeling of the ghost, and we like the decision to use purple here instead of navy blue. Purple doesn’t get the respect it deserves in many color schemes, so using it as a primary instead of an accent here is nice.

Ball Hogs – A very literal definition of the term, the Ball Hogs logo is a great use of shades of green and yellow we haven’t seen since the Oakland A’s of the 1970s. Glad to see this boar is concerned with hygiene, what with its sweatband and all.

Power – We like the subtle saw blade design around the basketball, which, paired with the sharp edges of the lettering, gives this team a blue-collar feel to it. The use of a brighter blue (a la the Orlando Magic) instead of a deeper, royal blue really lets the letters stand out against the black background.

The BIG3 is already getting a ton of publicity thanks to its loaded roster of former NBA superstars. If the league does well over the years, we’re likely to see more and more teams join the fold. What colors do you hope they toss into the mix in the future? Call us crazy, but something uncommon like orange and green would be pretty cool. Share your thoughts in the comments below and enjoy the 10-week season!

Monday, June 12, 2017

Five Most Dominant Softball Teams

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The Oklahoma Sooners just beat the Florida Gators for the softball national championship in the Women’s College World Series, including a 17-inning thriller in Game 1. If you haven’t paid close attention to the WCWS over the last few years, you might think we’ve been watching reruns of the games each year. That’s because either Oklahoma or Florida has been in the softball championship round for eight of the last nine years. That sort of dominance is almost unheard of, and it got us thinking about college softball teams that have mopped the floor with their opponents over the years. In no particular order, here are five of them.
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1. UCLA – From WCWS inception to now, the UCLA Bruins have mauled team after team on their way to a staggering 12 national titles on 19 tries. Another ridiculous statistic: the Bruins only lost double-digit games one time over any of those championship seasons. Get used to the baby blue and yellow on your T.V. screens for years to come.

2. Arizona – 13 times in the championship series, the Wildcats have walked away with eight titles to their name, with the most recent one coming in 2007 and their last appearance in 2010. While the team didn’t make it into the national title picture this year, they hit .341 as a team, barraging defenses with their timely hitting. As a show of the stiff competition in Division I, that average was only good for fourth best in the country.

3. Florida – The Gators from Gainesville are no strangers to the national championship stage, making five appearances since 2009 and winning twice. They know their way around a softball bat, but it’s their defense that’s gotten the attention. This year, Kelly Barnhill led all of DI college softball with an unbelievable earned run average of 0.51. Just over half a run allowed per game. As a team, the Gators lead the nation with an ERA of 0.81. Teams might as well have conceded defeat after the first batter of each game.

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4. Oklahoma – The other fixture in recent championships, the Sooners are 4-for-5 in national title series and are quickly looking like the next major softball dynasty. They were a top ten team in earned run average this year, batted over .310 as a team, hit a ridiculous 66 home runs and 99 doubles, and struck out only 91 times on the season.

5. Minnesota – The Gophers are new to the national spotlight in college softball, but we don’t see them having a short stay. This year, the Golden Gophers batted .342, batted in 406 runs over 61 games, pitched a 1.19 team ERA and struck out 462 batters to just 240 hits. They’ve got tough competition in some of our other entries on the list but look for Minnesota to hang around the WCWS title picture for quite a while with their mostly-underclass squad. Five straight trips to the post-season shows they mean business.

Who do you think is going to dominate softball headlines next season? Are we in for more of the same or will someone dethrone the Gators and Sooners? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below!