Friday, September 16, 2016

2016's First NFL Color Rush Game

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Color Rush 2016 is back in full force in the NFL, with the Buffalo Bills and the New York Jets debuting the first Thursday game of the season with monochrome uniforms. If you’re unfamiliar with Color Rush, it’s a promotion by the NFL in which every Thursday night game features teams wearing a special uniform that’s one, solid color – usually their secondary, less-featured color.

The Jets and Bills played each other last year in monochrome green and red, respectively. For the non-colorblind spectators, it looked like Christmas out on the field, but for anyone with red-green colorblindness, they could barely tell the teams apart. It didn’t help things that both teams wear white-based helmets! So how did they do this year?

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The NFL learned their lesson and featured the Jets in an all-white getup. To differentiate this one from their normal road uniform, their helmets had a white facemask instead of the usual green. The Bills, meanwhile, were decked out from shoulder to toe in bright red. They normally wear blue at home, so red was another chance to highlight their secondary color. This photo from fives a great look at the white facemask the Jets were wearing. It’s interesting that the Bills didn’t follow suit with a red facemask to keep with the theme. Missed opportunity!

If you ask us, these uniforms don’t have enough stripes ;) and need some more vertical accents to get a high grade from us. That being said, the color schemes of both teams are classic, which means there aren’t too many chances to mess up a good thing. The same-color socks definitely give everything too much of a “pajama” look, but it fits with what the league is trying to do. Compared to last year’s colorblind fiasco, we’d give this matchup 3 out of 5 stars. What do you think? Let us know in the comments below!

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Top 5 Flashiest New College Football Uniforms

Every new college football season brings with it another round of tweaks and rebrands to uniforms. Some teams adopt whole new color schemes while others add trendy designs such as black, grey (anthracite) and chrome to their look. Whether you’re a football uniform purist or you love the flashy new looks teams bring out every Saturday, you can’t deny they definitely cause a discussion. We’ve compiled a few of what we think are some of the flashiest, most unique new college football uniforms of 2016.

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1. Virginia Tech’s Hokie Stone uniforms – They may be only for one game against Tennessee, but these themed uniforms are something else. The jersey will feature a limestone pattern that resembles the buildings on Virginia Tech campus (known as Hokie Stone) and the helmets will be black with a Hokie Stone color over the VT logo. Virginia Tech’s normal uniforms are maroon with orange trim, so they’re going to look unrecognizable at Bristol Motor Speedway!

2. Middle Tennessee State University – The Blue Raiders haven’t announced any new threads for this season (which is always subject to change), but their stock of four jerseys, four pants, three socks, three gloves, four pairs of shoes and five helmets gives the team over 2,800 possible uniform combinations. Overkill? Probably.

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3. Notre Dame’s Shamrock Series uniforms – Every year for the past several years, Notre Dame has worn a special one-game uniform for what they’ve called the Shamrock Series. They play on a neutral field away from South Bend and wear a special uniform to commemorate the occasion. If you were hoping to see their classic gold and navy blue this year, you’re out of luck. A blend of gold, green and dark olive is in store for their November 12 game against Army.

4. Air Force Sharktooth helmet – We’re not sure if it’ll get worn more than once, but the Air Force Academy may have struck gold when they designed a custom helmet painted to resemble the shark’s head found on P-40 fighter planes during World War II.

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5. University of Oregon – We didn’t really need to say it, but Oregon is bound to march out something outlandish and eye-catching that we haven’t seen yet or heard of. The masters of last-minute, surprise flashy uniforms, the Ducks will definitely have more than one special uniform up their sleeve in 2016.

Did your favorite team bust out some flashy college football uniforms for the 2016 season that you think trump all of ours? Sound off in the comments below and share a photo with us!