Monday, October 17, 2016

Broncos v. Chargers Color Rush

Another week, another edition of NFL’s Thursday Night Color Rush game. This past week produced the most colorful matchup to date, with the Broncos wearing orange and the Chargers wearing navy blue. What set this matchup aside from previous ones was that both teams had their uniforms designed to resemble uniforms they wore in decades past. Let’s take a closer look.

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The NFL has a strict policy on players wearing one helmet shell per season to try and prevent concussions, so both teams utilized their existing helmets with some changes that will remind veteran fans of decades past. The Broncos replaced their current side profile logo with the old Denver D and a helmet stripe down the middle, which will remind any fan of their ‘80s lids. Their jerseys and pants both trade out navy blue for royal blue and revert back to block numbering, very reminiscent of their old uniform.

The Chargers replaced their navy facemask with a yellow one and replaced their navy blue color with royal blue. Both moves pay tribute their late ‘70s and early ‘80s look. You could say the white helmet pays tribute to their ‘70s look as well, but since they already wear a white helmet it’s a current design.

For anyone looking for a bit of nostalgia, this Color Rush game certainly had it. If you’re like us, you think both of these teams should revert their uniforms back to what they wore in decades past, but after a few lackluster weeks of Color Rush uniforms, it was definitely nice to see a color-on-color game. Next week puts the navy blue-clad Bears up against the all-white Packers. What do you think of this week’s uniforms? Let us know in the comments below!

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