Friday, December 30, 2016

A Game Bibs College Football Tournament Prediction

This weekend marks another edition of the 4-team college football tournament. Some familiar faces grace the bracket this year as well as a newcomer. Analysts have dissected these teams up and down to figure out all the possible ways they can win or lose the game, but has anyone paid attention to each school’s color scheme as a factor? We’ve put our fan apparel analyst caps on to give you an expert breakdown of which color combination will win each game.

Crimson & White vs. Purple & Tan
There’s something to be said about the classic combination of crimson and white. A lot of words come to mind – tradition, grit, fundamentals. It’s a popular combo, we’ve seen it win time and time again, and it’s OK in our book. There’s also nothing more frightening than a sea of crimson-clad fans waiting just beyond the endzone. Purple and tan (or gold) has a regal air to it, is finally getting back into the conversation after too long, and we like that it isn’t seen very often in the sports color scheme landscape. It’s sleek, fast, and can punch you in the mouth before you know what hit you.

Prediction: The unique blend of purple & tan will be too much for the crimson-clad crew to handle, so they’ll call an audible and bust out the black & white houndstooth for a last-second win.

Scarlet & Grey vs. Orange & Purple
Neither of these teams are strangers to the new playoff format, and their colors aren’t unfamiliar to sports fans either. Scarlet and grey is a combination that will never go out of style. It’s bright and in-your-face enough to grab your attention with dazzling plays, but muted and reserved enough to put its head down and grind out the tough yards. The scheme of orange and purple, on the other hand, stands out loudly and proudly. It’s entirely focused on grabbing your attention with flash and style, and the play on the field reflects that.

Prediction: Recent success and the public warming up to a color combo not found anywhere else has us thinking that orange & purple has the leg up in this matchup. It’ll be back and forth for both teams, but orange & purple will pull away towards the end.

The Big Game
So the crimson crew pulls out a squeaker to get into the championship game in a repeat of last year’s final with the bright, colorful orange & purple boys from South Carolina. Who will win? We’d bet our finest bibs on the team from the city of Tuscaloosa. Who do you have winning it all? Let us know in the comments!