Thursday, March 9, 2017

Who Will Be the Last Four?

One of the most popular sports tournaments is about to descend on coliseums and television sets around the country. Who will pull the big upset? Who will be this year’s underdog that takes the nation by storm? Most importantly, which teams will comprise the last four of the tournament? We want to hear what you think, so we’re putting together a contest for a chance to win a pair of Game Bibs! The rules are simple.

  1. Comment on our Instagram post predicting which four teams will be the last four standing
  2. Tag a friend in the comment with whom you’d rock a pair of our Game Bibs 
  3. If you guess correctly, we’ll send a pair of bibs for you and your friend in your favorite color combination
  4. If no one guesses the correct four teams, the person with the most out of four will be our winner

Simple enough, right? The tournament’s teams will be finalized this Sunday, March 13, and we’re giving you a bit of time to see how the field plays out. Your final picks are due by Friday, March 17! If you’ve got any questions or concerns about how the contest works, feel free to send us a message on social media or leave a comment here. Good luck!

*If we don’t have your preferred color or size in stock, we will ship them to you in August when our fall inventory arrives

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