Tuesday, March 7, 2017

A Look at Post-Season College Basketball Uniforms

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With the college basketball post-season just around the corner, we’ll be getting an eyeful of flashy, colorful uniforms in dozens of games for the next few weeks. Some will have classic designs from familiar and unfamiliar teams, while others will use the national spotlight to try out bold new uniforms. Just recently, Adidas unveiled a slew of post-season uniforms for their outfitted schools, complete with matching shoes. It got us thinking about some of the most notable college basketball uniforms we’ve seen in Marches past. Here are a few that stood out.

Adidas 2013 “Impact Camo”
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Oh man, what an eyesore. Every school outfitted by Adidas was forced into these highlighter-shaded uniforms with color-coordinated camouflage shorts. Eye-catching for all and nauseating for most, it was an aesthetic blessing when any of these camo-clad squads were eliminated from the tournament. See above for a closer look.

Maryland 2016

More than any other school, the University of Maryland loves to incorporate their state’s flag into their uniforms. The digs they rolled out for the 2016 tournament cleverly used the uniquely-styled and colorful flag as edging for their jerseys and shorts.

Kentucky 1996
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Denim has its place, but that place isn’t on a basketball uniform. The Wildcats unfortunately took the court in the mid-90s in a worn, weathered look that thankfully has never returned to the hardwood.

Notre Dame 2015
Both squads of Fighting Irish rolled out a new Adidas look for the 2015 tournament, but the women’s squad got more time in front of the cameras as they made it all the way to the championship game. The look included the school’s classic navy blue, but the familiar colors stopped there. A highlighter green dominated the trim of the uniform, while inexplicable green treads accented the shoulder straps and shorts. Many would say, “as long as they win, who cares what they wear?” but we’d respectfully disagree.

Baylor 2013
We hope Baylor fans weren’t tuning into 2013’s version of the women’s tournament looking to find that classic green and gold combination their school is known for. What was left in its place? Gray and bright yellow, naturally. To add insult to injury, the gray uniforms featured gray numbers and names on the back, making it hard to tell players apart during games.

Photo credit: npr.org
Photo credit: npr.org

We love the classics when it comes to school uniforms, so post-season tournaments are always a bit of a mixed bag when it comes to uniform aesthetics. Disagree with us or have a favorite uniform combo from years past? Share with us in the comments below!

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