Wednesday, March 29, 2017

A Women’s College Basketball Championship Prediction

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We’ve reached the last four teams for the women’s college basketball tournament. With very little in the way of upsets this tournament, the final rounds feature two #1 seeds and two #2 seeds, all fully capable of handling the competition on the floor on their way to a national title. Will Connecticut win yet another championship and continue their ludicrous run or could South Carolina try to make it 2-for-2 in college basketball championships this year? Anything can happen on the court, so we won’t try to predict that. We will, however, predict based off color schemes.

Mississippi State vs. UConn
Both of these color schemes are pretty synonymous with college sports. Teams from the south love their various shades of burgundy or maroon, while the Huskies are rocking the popular navy blue & red color combo that’s so common around the nation. For a change of pace, we’d love to go with the maroon of the bulldogs, but the sleek use of color elements in UConn’s uniforms has us going with the Huskies in this battle of the dogs.

Stanford vs. North Carolina
“Cardinal” red or garnet? It might look like the same shade to most teams, but the discerning eye can tell the difference. Cardinal and white looks good on most of Stanford’s uniforms, but we love the intimidating black features that South Carolina adds to their shade of red. The Gamecocks take this one by a hair.

The Final
So here we are. The familiarity of the dominating Huskies vs. a South Carolina squad that’s back in the final rounds and trying to get off the championship schneid. Given the television exposure of both the men’s and women’s teams this season, the garnet & black combination is growing on us. We’re not saying it’ll be easy to sway the minds of navy blue & red lovers, but we think the women from Columbia can do it.

Thus completes our practical, undebatable prediction of the women’s college basketball final. Who do you have winning it all this year? Which shade of maroon/burgundy/red is your favorite? Share with us in the comments below and enjoy the games!
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