Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Our Christmas Day Sports Predictions

Every year, the NBA features a stocking’s share of games played on Christmas Day. This year, the NFL is adding to the day’s bundle of gifts. As the holiday falls on a Monday, the NFL’s weekly schedule features not one but two games for your viewing pleasure. After you’ve opened your gifts and had too many cookies, find a spot on the couch and unwrap all of these game day presents. Our Christmas Day game predictions are below.

Houston Texans vs. Pittsburgh Steelers
The Texans were dealt a huge blow when rookie quarterback, Deshaun Watson, was lost for the season due to injury. They have looked listless since and are playing for pride at this point. It doesn’t help they’re facing a Steelers team left with a sour taste in their mouths after a close loss to the Patriots last week. The Texans haven’t been naughty, but they’re getting coal in their stocking anyway. Steelers run away with this one.

Philadelphia Eagles vs. Oakland Raiders
We’re not drinking the Eagles eggnog just yet. Once flying high on the wings of second-year sensation, Carson Wentz, the Eagles now have to entrust the rest of their season to Nick Foles. How Foles plays against a Raiders team that fumbled away a win in the closing seconds of last week’s game will decide this one. We think Oakland will play with a lot of emotion, knowing their season is on the line. Oakland wins in a nail biter.

New York Knicks vs. Philadelphia 76ers
Neither team is particularly good, but both sport some of the best big men in the league in Kristaps Porzingis and Joel Embiid. Which way this one goes is the flip of a coin, but it’s sure to be a nice appetizer for the later slate of games. 76ers fend off the Knicks.

Golden State Warriors vs. Cleveland Cavaliers
How many times have we seen this matchup over the last few years? After a sluggish start to the season, the Cavs have hit their stride while the Warriors have been cruising. LeBron and the Cavaliers won last year’s holiday matchup, but were caught out in the cold in the Finals. The Cavaliers have looked strong on the road as of late, and they’ll repeat their 2016 holiday magic with Steph Curry out for this game.

Oklahoma City Thunder vs. Houston Rockets
All those big acquisitions for OKC don’t seem to be paying off, while the Rockets look primed and ready for takeoff. Carmelo Anthony is coming off his worst scoring performance in five years, while Houston has won ten straight games. It’s always exciting to see Russell Westbrook carve up defenses, but this will be an uphill battle in the snow for him. Rockets cruise to a victory after pulling away late in the game.

Boston Celtics vs. Washington Wizards
The Celtics are playing out of their minds this season. Kyrie Irving has come into his own as the undisputed leader of this team, and the Celtics have an impressive in-conference record of just five losses. Washington is hovering around average compared to the rest of the conference, but you can never count out John Wall when he plays in front of his home crowd. It certainly adds to the drama that these two teams don’t particularly like each other, so expect a rough, tough game with Boston coming out victorious.

Los Angeles Lakers vs. Minnesota Timberwolves
You might be exhausted from all the sports watching by this point and sleep through this one. We’d forgive you. The Lakers are mostly on the schedule because they’re the Lakers, while the Timberwolves are slowly making a name for themselves in the always-competitive West. Look for some dazzling plays from Lonzo Ball and Jimmy Butler to add the tinsel to your Christmas Day watch party, but this will otherwise be a pedestrian affair. T-Wolves win it easily.

How do you think this packed slate of Christmas Day games will turn out? Share your thoughts in the comments section below and enjoy the games!

Friday, December 1, 2017

College Football Conference Champs Predictions

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And just like that, the college football regular season is nearly over. Only a weekend of conference championship games stands between us, bowl season and the always intriguing four-team playoff. There’s a lot left to play for, and plenty of drama left to unfold come Saturday. Now’s the perfect time for your Game Bibs expert analysts to pick each conference winner by the most analytical, foolproof method: colors and uniforms.

Atlantic Coast – Miami vs. Clemson
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The U is back! Orange is an underused color in general, and pairing it with green and purple definitely makes for some interesting combinations. Since the Hurricanes changed coaching staffs, they’ve adopted a clean, classic uniform that pays homage to their dominance in the 1980s. Nothing against Clemson, but orange and green trumps the sherbet combination in this game.

Big 12 – Oklahoma vs. Texas Christian
A conservative, simple burgundy and white uniform up against some creative uses of purple and black. Our gut says not to bet against tradition, but depending on what the Horned Frogs trot onto the field wearing, we’re leaning toward TCU as the victors.

Big Ten – Ohio State vs. Wisconsin
We hope you like red, because this game has a lot of red. “Scarlet” and gray go up against red and white in what’s sure to be an instant classic with plenty of playoff implications. The Badgers always look sharp when they get to wear their red jerseys, so we’re betting on UW in this one.

Southeastern – Georgia vs. Auburn
This is going to be the nicest looking game of the entire weekend. Georgia is wearing white jerseys with their gray pants that feature that unique, simple quirk of mismatched pant stripes. On the other side of the ball is a clean and classic combination of navy blue and orange. The Tigers have the hot hand on the field right now, and they have the hot uniforms. Tigers eke out a close one in a color combo classic.

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Pac-12 – Stanford vs. Southern California
Palo Alto meets L.A. This one is hard to pick. In one corner, we have tried-and-true crimson/burgundy/cardinal red. In the other corner, we have burgundy and yellow. Both teams wear it well and have classic uniforms they’ve barely changed over the decades. The touch of yellow adds a nice pop to USC’s uniforms, so we’ll take the Trojans by a nose.

American Athletic – Memphis vs. Central Florida
Memphis has recently adopted a striped helmet that resembles the Cincinnati Bengals, and we’re all about it. Royal blue and silver goes up against black and gold in a game that’s sure to look great and provide plenty of contrast on the field. The Tigers’ will spoil the Knights’ perfect season and look good doing it.

Conference USA – North Texas vs. Florida Atlantic
Florida Atlantic is quickly appeared on the national stage due to a dramatic one-season turnaround with new head coach, Lane Kiffin. That doesn’t fix their boring uniforms, though, and you can’t bet against a team that doubles down on green. North Texas takes it.

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Mountain West – Boise State vs. Fresno State
The Broncos of Boise have never been shy about their love for blue, even extending the color scheme down to their blue turf field. The Broncos host the Bulldogs for the conference title, which means the stadium will be flush with blue and orange. It’s a loud uniform, and we like it.

Mid-American – Akron vs. Toledo
Navy blue and gold vs. navy blue and yellow! Toledo has embraced the yellow in recent years, making it as prominent a part of their uniform as navy blue. In a game that could definitely look bad and could end up featuring alternate jerseys, we’ll bet on Akron and their more traditional use of blue and gold.

Lots of champions will be crowned this weekend and a lot of colors will grace our televisions. Which uniform combinations do you think will win the day? Comment below, and enjoy championship weekend!